September critique session update

  • This image is from the September critique session. I finally got around to making the edits so I thought I would share it here. The main points of the critique were to work on the color, some areas were too saturated, skin tones looked 'dead' and she didn't read as a pumpkin at first glance. I took Lee and Will's advice and I think it made a world of difference. Thanks guys.
    Also I thought I'd just mention that I took a morning studying color of artists I love by taking their images into photoshop and color picking through the images to see where in the color scale they were, how saturated, how they handled shadows and light, etc. I feel like it helped me understand color a lot more so it's a great exercise I would recommend trying.pumpkin_wife_old_new.jpg

  • I think your updated work looks much better. Much richer. Very nice!

  • Oh, it's so sweet! I love it. Thanks for the study tip, too.

  • SVS OG

    Really nice updates! So much warmer and comforting in the new version. Great work and follow through!

  • SVS OG

    Much nicer! I really like the new color of the pig, much nicer. Is this for the Peter Pumpkin Eater nursery rhyme?

  • Looks so rich and warm - A perfect suggestion of Fall! Ooh, I'm going to try that exercise this afternoon! Might finally help me find a bit of a breakthrough with my colors too (I tend to air on the side of 'dead' when it comes to skin tones too 😕 )

  • Gorgeous! I love the style, look and feel!

  • Really great re-do! I love how it almost has a vintage illustration feeling to it!

  • Thanks so much for all the kindness everyone.

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