Godzilla Contender WIP - Critique Please.

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  • So cute! I love this idea and bringing the style to more of a kidlit take on Godzilla.

    The two pieces of feedback I have for the piece: 1) I think I might look at the anatomy of your Godzilla a bit firstly giving him a bit more of a neck. Secondly, it sort of looks like his shoulder is coming out of his mouth the way you have it drawn. And so, maybe by giving him more of a neck and shoulder this will help? 2) There seems to be some tangents between the tail of Godzilla and the spiders legs. Maybe you could make a bit more or less overlap so it doesn't look like the legs are just cutting off in the shadow?

    I hope this is helpful, good luck!

  • @djly Thank you! Those are great points I didn’t notice!

  • I changed his neck & added windows & foreground elements. Now I think it may be too busy. What do you guys think. And I can’t figure out what to do with the windows. Dark reflections of the night sky or light reflections from the spotlight? Nothing I try looks quite right.


  • I think I’m close to calling him done. What do you guys think?

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