Godzilla idea for June Challenge

  • SVS OG

    A bit of rough doodling last night. Kind of messy and overlapping but.....we'll see if I get it done! Might try digital.


  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen nice idea. Mom is always a top contender in my book!

    You could add something like a broken building next to him that his mom is lecturing him about. I am thinking "No David" here.

  • SVS OG

    Fun idea! Mama certainly looks like a challenge - or maybe the child is the challenge for the mama! I like the idea of adding broken buildings or something next to him, I think it adds to the story of what's happening.

  • this is great! I like the idea that the prariefox had about broken buildings next to him. I had the thought that they could be toy buildings,....then I thought about Calvin and Hobbes, where Calvin always was imagining he was actually for example a monster stomping down a village but in reality he was just a little boy stepping on his toy trucks and buildings in the sandpit lol. That might be a fun idea to play with too. Great start tho!

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