Very excited starting to draw digitally!

  • Hellow everyone! Like i said in another topic, i'm new in SVS and want to share my progress with you.
    I have taken the courses "how to ink 1", "how to draw everything" and studied the video "Rabbit cycle Demo".
    I want to make a comic, and this is my first digital illustration, all critiques are wellcome!

    PD: In order to make a comic, do you think is better traditional or digital art? I still didn't watch the "Drawing Comic" courses.

    Animal Road Rage.jpg

  • @Maxi-Silva In order to make a comic going digital will make your life much MUCH easier. Even if you do the art traditionally, having digital tools to lay in panels, speech bubbles and other stuff is invaluable.

  • SVS OG

    You're off to a great start! This piece is really cool and edgy.

    I've only ever drawn one, short, 4-page comic so I'm a newbie myself but I think what @Braden-Hallett said is spot on. Digital tools are really helpful for laying everything out, colouring, lettering, etc.

    It speeds the process up a lot.

    I'm also aiming to draw comics so I look forward to following your progress on here 🙂

    I'll be taking Jake's comic course once I have spent some time working on my drawing fundamentals.

  • @Maxi-Silva This is really nicely done. It's awesome that this is your first digital artwork!

    While I don't know much about creating comics, I'd like to urge you to continue to explore the format in both the traditional and digital medium. I'm sure the SVSLearn courses would be of great help on your journey as well.

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