Paint over after Lee White and Tom Bancroft's critique

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    I am so grateful to SVS, and Lee White and Tom Bancroft for this opportunity to learn and grow. I reworked my image based on their critiques and I am happy with the results and wanted to share. @Lee-White I'd love to see your painting/take on this theme, have at it 🙂 Also when you mentioned Lizbeth Zwerger I almost fainted, she is an idol and many of her images are in my dream portfolio-I can't thank you enough and SVS I have grown so much over the last several years with you all. intention was the mermaid was being taken to swim at the aquarium, that was an Aquarium brochure in her arms 🙂

    mermaidSVS.jpg themermaidtheif.jpg mertrainzoomsvs.jpg

  • I really like this paint-over, @lmrush. In the critique, if I remember correctly, it was mentioned that the values on the little girl were a bit too light, and the changes you've made there really work, in my opinion. It's also great that the girl is now shown to be "interacting" with the suitcase. I wonder, though, why the brochure no longer has the word "Aquarium" written on it? Was that left out intentionally?

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    @animatosoor Thank you for your kind words, Tom Bancroft had mentioned not to use written words to tell the story. I am not sure if he meant never use (words) or just not in this (first image) case because I had too many missing story elements.

  • @lmrush Ah okay, that makes sense. I'm wondering, then, if the aquarium brochure could have images on the front cover - without any words - to give the viewer clues on what it is. Perhaps an aquarium brochure could have a simple illustration of marine animals on it? I understand the brochure itself is small in this picture and you wouldn't want to crowd up that area.

    Again, this is a very effective do-over. Nicely done. 🙂

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    @animatosoor Thank you, yes I like that idea of images on the brochure 🙂

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