Godzilla WIP - Feedback wanted

  • Here are the thumbnails I have for my Godzilla Challenger! Let me know which one you think is strongest. Also any cleanup or changes that would make them stronger.

    Pitch: A blowup Godzilla is towering triumphantly over a pile of foes, held by a boy with one hand in the tub. In other hand the next challenger is held. Boy is looking at the challenger with a look of concern on his face. But the viewer can see the challenger has a secret weapon, a needle.

    Keywords: Triumph, Hidden Victory


  • SVS OG

    I can’t how that pengiun is holding a needle! It’s so funny and dark at the same time. I’d love to see how this’ll turn out.

  • I have figured out the plates I will use to print. This will have 4 plates (tan, green, blue & black). I plan on starting to cut plates and print tomorrow.

    Please give any feedback on if you see anything that could improve it. I used thumbnail #6 and added some elements of thumbnail #1 that some people here liked. I think it came out pretty clean.

    I wanted this one to come out with less line work and more come through with the pure shapes of the plates. I think everything reads well. Especially note anything you are having trouble reading.


  • Cool! I like the idea of cutting plates out and creating this one that way. πŸ˜„

    There is one mistake that caught my eye right away though! If you look at his arms, the left one is very short and it should be since it goes more towards the camera than the right one.
    However, there is no forshortening present ( or it is so subtle that I can't notice it) so I do not read it as a forshortened arm. He just looks like his left arm is veeery short in comparison to the other one.

    At the second glance, I do not entirely feel the perspective. Judging by the camera placement, I feel like I should see more top planes of godzilla's and penguin's head, although I may be wrong. Just double check that area and the perspective lines πŸ˜„

    Last thing that slightly worries me is the expression. I've read the pitch, I get that you want to show me that he is concerned for the penquin character ( that relation between the boy and the challenger is cool! ), although he looks very bored for me.
    I think that I get this feeling since the eyebrows cover the top of this eyes making them look like he's keeping them somehow closed. Kinda like he's falling asleep or is VERY sad.
    Maybe rise them a bit? I am looking at the pictures of face's I'd call concerned and those do not have eyebrows so low

    I am not an artistic genius though, so do not treat what I've written here as the ultimate truth of some kind! Just filter out through your own guts πŸ˜„
    The idea is uber adorable though! 😍

  • @IgorWoznicki said in Godzilla WIP - Feedback wanted:

    an artistic genius though, so do not tre

    Thanks for the feedback, I would agree with everything you have said.

    I was wondering how others would see his expression. If it would come off more sad then concerned. I will play with it and see what I can do. I thought about changing it to a playful expression too... like he is making fighting noises.

    I will play with that and work on the foreshortening with the arm.

  • Glad you found my feedback useful! 😊
    Good luck with your artwork and remember about giving us updates!

  • That penguin's out to mess some *&^% up.

    Love the idea and I think you absolutely chose the right thumbnail πŸ™‚

    What kind of expression are you going for with the kid in the tub?

  • @Braden-Hallett I was going for a concerned look. I have been playing with the expression (drew about 30 ranging from surprised to sad to mischievous) and think I have a better one. It is more concerned and surprised.

    I cut my first plate and am printing it now. I will post the expressions and a picture of the first plate printed before the end of the day.

  • @theprairiefox I like 1 and 6, πŸ™‚

  • @Heather-Boyd thanks... I went with a combination of those two thumbnails.

    @Braden-Hallett here are the expressions. The circled one is the one I think I am going with. I will merge it into the picture later. Black is the last plate to be cut so I have a little time.


    @IgorWoznicki here is an update! I have the first plate printed! The tan plate. It took me quite a few tries to get the color right... I need more practice!


  • @theprairiefox Wowww this looks sooo cool~!!! I've never worked with plates, so I'm super thankful that you're sharing this process with us. Can't wait to see the rest! πŸ˜ƒ

  • Tan & blue done... and going bed. Note the photos are darker than they actually are in person.

    But the overprint (where the blue and tan are together) worked great! Very happy with that.


  • Tan, Blue and Green done! I have decided registration is my bane! But I have a few that look pretty good.

    Now on to the black... but I have to let the green dry for bit.


  • And the final with black.

    I have to wait for it to dry to get a really good scan for the submittal. I will put it up when scanned... leaving for vacation tomorrow so you will see it soon.


  • @theprairiefox Godzilla doesn't stand a chance πŸ™‚ Penguins are known for their brutal shankings.

  • @Braden-Hallett LOL πŸ˜‚ True that... he is going down!

  • Hahaha this is hilarious. That penguin is gonna mess godzilla up. Great work!

  • @theprairiefox this is awesome πŸ™‚

  • @Braden-Hallett, @IgorWoznicki, @Heather-Boyd and everyone else thanks for all the input. It is done!

    @nyrrylcadiz, @aprilshin, @Jorge-Valentin, @Coley hope you all enjoy the final as much as I do. It is going up on the main thread now!


  • Really cool! πŸ˜„
    The idea is adorable and the changes you've made were worth it. I especially appreciate the expression, it looks much more suitable to the situation :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

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