Godzilla challenger WIP

  • SVS OG

    Here’s an idea I had, and I’m wondering if you guys think it’s a good one or not. I’m not really into drawing monsters, so I went with something more commonplace, yet equally difficult for many people. I figure Godzilla would find this difficult too.

  • The whole idea of it I like! 👌
    It's funny, would stand out amongs other entries for the competition for sure because you know... The only part of the Godzilla Challenger we see are his teeth. That's pretty unique!

    I am afraid, however, that is may be too far off subject.
    Jake's quote is "Illustrate your biggest, baddest creature that could contend with the king of all monsters!" and since wee see only his teeth, I am not sure if that's acceptable. I guess that's up to the person who runs the competition and picks the winner though! 😄

    Don't wanna discourage you or anything! It looks neat, really! It would be worth seeing even if it was not accepted for the competition.

  • @Kat I am not 100% sure what you idea is. I think if it is Godzilla's next challenger is a toothache, you could pull it off. But if this a dentist getting a different monster ready I am not sure the story will read enough...

    If you are going with Godzilla's toothache, I think you want to work in 2 things.

    First, you need the toothache itself. Like add a broken tooth or a hole in a tooth? Or zoom out and make Godzilla crying? Get the feeling that he is suffering somehow. Pain lighting coming from a tooth?

    Second, you need to make sure that we read the monster as Godzilla. Maybe you can do something in the background? Or if you zoom out you make his head. But I would say we need to know this is Godzilla! So, that the story is clear.

    Fun idea, good luck!

  • SVS OG

    You know, I had the same thoughts after I posted! The idea was supposed to be Godzilla visiting the crazy dentist with a drill - the challenger being the dentist/drill. But in looking at it again, the patient could be anybody or anything - no indication it's Godzilla. Hmmm.... well, time to re-think 🙂

    Might be a fun image to complete, just not for this purpose.


  • SVS OG

    @Kat I think it's a great idea and very funny! You could emphasise that it's Godzilla who is at the dentist by sticking something like a bike, motorbike or a chunk of a car into one of his teeth? Maybe have that as the source of the tooth problem! And then make the dentist a lot smaller but still scary, with a drill, etc. It could be a really atmospheric piece with the teeny dentist having to literally step into Godzilla's mouth to drill his teeth...

  • This is a really fun idea, @Kat! My immediate interpretation of your sketch was that Godzilla is at the dentist's office, and that the dentist himself is his "opponent," which I see from your post is what you intended.

    It's such a clever idea, and I feel like if a few more visual cues could be worked in somehow, the idea would read even more clearly!

  • Really fun idea, waiting to see it!😊

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