Mermay WIP Update: Last Minute Suggestions?

  • I seem to be always down to the wire but at least I think I’m going to make it under this time! 😂

    I have been working in my MerMay piece after receiving some great feedback in the thumbnail phase. You can see those here:

    And this is what I’ve developed so far. Thoughts or suggestions to push it even further?


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    Amber, it looks like you may have used a font for "Tails" but not for the bottom text. Is there a specific reason you chose to do that? No answer is wrong, but you might want to figure out how to push that choice a bit more so it looks like a choice and not an afterthought. I know that has absolutely nothing to do with your actual drawing--which is lovely and reminiscent (to me) of old toll painting on wood, but this image looks so much like a book cover that particular aspect stands out. To my non-experienced eye, anyway.

    That's really the only thing that stands out to me. It's a really intriguing image! Makes me wonder what kinds of stories might be in this collection... 🙂

  • @Coreyartus Yes the first is a hand drawn font. I was so focused on everything else and the deadline that I didn't even notice that I hadn't drawn the rest of the lettering to the same level! 😅 That is something I can actually improve before posting. Thanks so much, Corey!

  • Okay so I 'finished' this piece and uploaded it to the contest thread. I took it into Photoshop for some color adjustments and added actual type in Illustrator. There are a lot of things I like about this piece but one of the biggest things I struggled with is getting the idea across of the struggle. They are in the right pose and 'acting' the part without any muscle behind it. I really like the idea of keeping them flat but I think to make it truly convincing I need to somehow amp up not only the emotion but the action - if I'm being super honest they look more like they are dancing than struggling to me, lol.
    I'm going to keep moving forward in my drawing and composition classes and I know that I'll get to character and gesture soon!

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