The Mermaid with a Dragon

  • let me know your opinion ! Thanks a lot![alt text](0.jpg image url)

  • @jagoridovski

    Wow and I love your signature. Her helmet is a creature, yes? I had a second glance at it. I find it a t bit distracting with it's eyes. Is it living on her or part of her?
    I love the layering on her hips -that's a really nice addition - it resembles waves crashing on the shoreline. I also like how the dragon colour is a mix of the surroundings and the colouring of the mermaid -it is quite beautiful.

  • SVS OG

    Love the mood in this piece!

  • I really like this piece. I dig the atmosphere that gives it depth and I like the way you’ve pushed the mermaid design making her finny and fishey. I'm getting caught on her hair though. The first thing I noticed was the edge being very sharp next to her face. When I zoomed in for a closer look I saw the teeth ( which I like as an idea). I guess my feeling is that it’s in clear from first glance whether the hair is ‘hair’ or a ‘creature’. This lovely image could work either way, but right now it seems to be somewhere in the middle.

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