Changes after the Video Critiques

  • I went back in and changed my Frog in the piece. I worked up several thumbnails but forgot to save them as I kept tweaking and changing. Here is the original. In this one Lee White suggested that maybe the frog needed a more interesting gesture since his posture was very straight.

    I wanted the mood to not be too scary. So I did not want the toad to be overly fearful. I tried a few things.

    In the end I liked the frog leaning back a bit and perhaps holding his chest in anticipation.

    Do you think the changes read better?

  • What mood are you trying to go for from the frog's point of view? If the frog isn't scared, what is it? Is it confused? Curious? Also I'm guessing she's conducting an experiment? Sorry I haven't watched all the critiques yet, working my way through.

    If it is a magic experiment, what is she actually trying to turn the frogs into? She wont keep trying if mushrooms are what she wanted in the end. Unless she wanted a bunch of mushrooms? And how would we know that?

  • @Aleksey The little witch is practicing her spell to turn toads on stools into toadstools. So I guess, for starters, I should call him a toad and not a frog.

    The mood I was going for with the frog is anticipation and maybe a little apprehension and resignation mixed in.

    I can’t tell all of the story in one illustration, but in my thoughts the toad might be a pet and be used to being the subject of her learning and therefore know he will be back to normal eventually.

  • @JennyJones ok gotchya. Do you practice those expressions in the mirror?
    With single illustration storytelling, especially when it comes to expressing feelings of the characters, it cant be vague.

    With regards to what’s actually happening, it makes sense that she’s casting magic on the toad, and I can put it together that the toad is being turned into toadstools, but I don’t know that it’s not permanent and I don’t know it’s an experiment because there are no other elements that tell me this. One could conclude this girl is just cruel to animals. There’s plenty of room to add elements that would make the story a lot clearer. Like a chalkboard showing a toad and a mushroom with an arrow connecting them. Maybe a cage of more toads. Maybe magical lab equipment like beakers and such.

    I hope this helps.

  • @JennyJones Hey!
    I think you're in the good direction with this toad pose. You could also exaggerate it even more and add his anticipation/worry in his eyes as well?
    He could also try to hide behind one of the mushroom (like a shield from the spell)...

  • Thanks for taking a look and offering ideas. I may add a spell book or tweak the toad a bit more. I am also going to add some text to the open space. Overall it will be very simple.

    This illustration is a re-do of my very first digital illustration. I made it this time last year. Originally it was an illustrated kid’s joke. I did a few trying to get my feet wet as I began my art journey again.

    The joke: “What’s a witch’s favorite subject in school?.....SPELLING “. But since then I think she could have a story. So I she will have one. I just have to get to it.

  • @JennyJones I like this image first time around-but with Lee's help can see how it can be made better. I too wonder about the expression on the toad's face. And I completely missed the toad-stool joke. The toads of my childhood are more brown than green, more "worty" which I think you've got.

    I think you know a great deal about the story here but I'd like to see a bit more. Is she usually successful? Then she'd look less curious. If she's usually unsuccessful which goes along with her worried look--might there be some semi-toadstools? And maybe some sparkles coming off the wand. I thought at first it might be a paintbrush rather than a wand.

    You've got a great start and a great story to work with.

  • That’s a fun idea @Susan-Marks maybe some mushrooms have like froggy limbs/poses. Or eating a fly.

  • @JennyJones , I really love that piece and what you have done with the frog.

  • @SusanMiller thanks so much.

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