• I now this is another general pricing question but I cannot find anything online.

    How much (best estimation) would it be for an average artist to create a character?

    Maybe even minimum range.

    Along with a 36 page webcomic?

  • @dafoota if you’re designing a character for someone, retaining character rights I believe is what many artists will recommend.

    Those would be priced separately. 32 pages for a comic is pretty much a book. I’ve never done either for anyone but I know it’s important to create a contract in this situation so you keep rights for the characters you design. In case they decide to use your art or your design in merch and advertising that would make them money.

    I know some people do a per page charge depending on the company’s budget.

    Again I’ve never done either but this is what I’ve gathered in the various inquiries I’ve received over time.

  • I've never quoted for a 36 page webcomic. But i'd defo echo what @Aleksey said, get a contract in place and define usage and rights especially for the character.

    If you design a character and down the line it gets developed into, not just merch or advertising but books, animation, film, games and other media would you be happy not having any control? If you are going to sign away all the rights, your cost should reflect all of that.

    Also do you own the rights to the character you design if the character description came from someone else, I'm not sure about that? I would be interested in hearing others thoughts on that.

    Hope that helps

  • You could research ip lawyers see if they can give you a quote? I also never done that

  • @Phil-Cullen @Aleksey Yea so i guy around the way is starting up a comic studio. He asked me if i could create a character that is a hybrid between venom and sabertooth who comes from a talisman that a (miles morales) kid named adrian has.

    alt text

    He would say, i'm writing everything down that everyone has done. haha
    I even sign the character over to him.

    I'm not burnt about it. I am just asking because i am in the spot where he wants me to do more for him and i am waiting for the basic compensation. Average cost to create a character and a 36 panel web comic. this is just to have an idea of what to say when he asks me to do more.

    I am going to try to find a sure fire method in sharing photos but in the meantime i'll have to edit a lot.

    Thanks for all your help.

    Much love and God bless!

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