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  • Hello!

    I spent what felt like ages thinking of a cool topic-name so you'd all think I was really creative but I gave up.
    I've already had the pleasure of participating in some forum topics and meeting some of you guys, but I thought I'd post a formal introduction too!

    My name is Nathalie, I also go by Nelly, and I am an illustrator (surprise) currently employed in a mobile games studio where I draw characters and backgrounds in Adobe Animate. Really, though, I love digital painting and more organic art, so I try and spend my free time growing my skills in that department! Not subscribed to SVS yet, as I am moving into a new place soon, but one day soon I will hopefully join the circle of those better educated.

    Artistically, I am still exploring what my career goal should be. I just know I want more independence and to draw the things I love, and I hope in due time I'll be able to actualize some of my personal projects more! Below some of my art so you may get to know me that way.

    I hope I'll be able to learn as dedicatedly as the rest of you do and meet plenty of you lovely people! 🙂

    BullClock copy.jpg

    ravenDead copy.jpg



    woodPathCemetery copy.jpg

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    Welcome, Nelly! It's nice to see your work--I'm sure you'll fit right in!! These forums really do seem to be (blisfully) absent of a lot of the less pleasant aspects of many other forums, and the people here are indeed incredibly helpful as well as supportive! Welcome!!

  • SVS OG

    Really great work! The cat and mouse would’ve been great for the moment before challenge we just had. Unless you submitted it and I totally missed it. I love the girl with the skull. The linework is really nice. The forum is awesome. Super supportive and full of knowledge on all the random questions we all have. The classes are really well done and the teachers know their stuff.

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    Welcome! I love the golden light in the top picture. 👍

  • Thank you guys! 😃 I should have thought of submitting that picture to the april contest! I'm not sure it was done on time in the end though.

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