NESCBWI Critique results

  • I went to the New England SCBWI conference last weekend and learned a lot but whew it was exhausting and expensive. This critique that I got on my portfolio was helpful but a LOT of it was also covered in their workshop so it really put me in my place on how I'm not even to the entry level part yet (sadface). The pics were just taken with my phone to send to my husband but if they are too hard to read I will redo them!
    I took a pic of my illustration in the challenge set up but I didn't take a pic of my portfolio in the gallery. It's about the same as on my website though
    The first salamander 2 page spread image was in my dummy, now that I'm home I'm working on the second one (and getting a little stuck but trying to work through it. I got the best feedback on this red salamander character and page which I guess is good I guess since it's my most recent. Hope that helps! Go draw lots of characters looking not content and babies but not creepy ones!
    critique1.jpg challengeb.jpg
    critique3.jpg critique2.jpg 19salwebprogress.png

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    Thank you for sharing! I know it’s hard when you get a tough critique, but don’t get discouraged! Just take what they gave you and keep trying to improve. Take all that emotion you are probably feeling and throw it right back into your work. 🙂✊

  • @burvantill I'm absolutely going to keep going like the little engine that could until I'm as cool as the monorail at Disney World! I did like the roadmap of what they are looking for in a portfolio

  • @Heather-Bouteneff Thanks you for sharing this with us. It is so helpful. It sounds like you have a good perspective and are poised to make some awesome steps forward. Good luck. I think you’re going to make it!

  • Really great of you to share this. Thank you!!

  • Thank you for sharing! It's awesome that they give you this much directional feedback.

  • @Heather-Bouteneff Thank You for sharing, we all can learn from this feedback.

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