Environment study Tadahiro Uesugi

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    This is an exercise @Lee-White suggested, I am working on environment studies. This is a painting by Tadahiro Uesugi, it's gorgeous! There is so much fine detail in the background. This is what I have so far, just working basic shapes, but my scaling is way off. This is my attempt to get my brain to think in a whole new way. 😃



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    @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Uesugi's newest and biggest fan here. And of course if it has to do with Uesugi, I have to approve.

    I gotta say, his and Pascal Campion's work...even though it may look like simple lines and shapes, there is a level of craftsmanship and sophistication there that I hope to be able to understand and one day emulate in my own way.

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    @shinjifujioka Exactly! Lee's work has that quality too. They have a stunningly simple sophistication that is really appealing to look at and take in. There is so much fine detail and it all reads really well. It's exceptionally hard to achieve and yet so fun to strive for.

  • Hi, as you said, scale is off, also watch for perspective. The pillar on the right cannot be this way. Same with background, line where houses are touching water cannot be straight. Also heads of the people are touching the bridge and this breaks illustion of 3d space. and the heads are blending with background. Notice that author added shadow on the bacground right next to males head to give the head more contrast, this way it wont blend with background.

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    @Jiří-Kůs Thanks for your comments. Yup scale and perspective are both off, I'll try and adjust that stuff on the next pass. I'll be doing a few of these quick studies with color blocks to help myself think more about overall environment since I have a tendency to concentrate on the characters.

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