Tuesday critique update.

  • Hi all. I participated in the live critique session last night and it was really good. Here is my re-worked image (on the top). The main points they had for me were to make the boy look like he was in more danger and to enhance/unify the colors. What do you all think? Thanks!
    gators_b.jpg gators.jpg

  • @joanie-stone Dang, this looks like this is one of the critiques that I missed...

    Your reworked one definitely has more of a sense of danger. And I really like your coloring/rendering style!

  • Great shapes here and texture! I love the character so much! I wonder if a boy scout needs a hat of some kind, possibly fallen?

    Honestly I liked the yellow eyes on the alligators a little more, but I can see how the cooler color works as well.

  • Fantastic piece @joanie-stone! I really like it...lots of fun, very engaging....the reworked one is at the top, right? I love the design of the crocodiles (they are tricky things to draw & get right!), the composition, and I agree that your rendering style is really nice, with the textured feel.

  • Really enjoy the updated version - you certainly got in that heightened sense of danger with the added crocs and the yellow menacing eyes. Very nice!

  • Thanks everyone and yes the top one is the newest version.

  • This is coming along great!
    I definitely feel the danger more. I think that the two exposed crocs/gators (I'm awful at distinguishing them woops) might look a little happy/inviting still, and not in the mischievous "we found dinner" way.

    Love the heads peeking out as the swamp drifts back, and the subtle increases in texture on the boy's rendering!

  • eat him! haha I love this. The texture is so good and the pose is spot on. I would roll his pupils at the closest croc, just a suggestion. Great work!

  • Fantastic. Not sure I'd change a thing.

  • Love it!!