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  • Hello-do any of you know of any groups that focus on comic writing?

    I'm stumbling my way through my first comic. Little did I know that comics involve at least 4 art forms. I'm working my way through Drawing with Word/Writing with Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden. And I've been reading Growing Gills and listening to the Out on a Wire podcast. Jessica is a huge fan of having a creative/writing group that is more of a collaborative and brainstorming approach, vs a more traditional critique group. Her work with many very popular podcasters in the This American Life style is that it takes a village to really hone a story.

    So I'm looking for one of these type of groups--does anyone have any experience with this or know of where to find one?

    And does anyone have experience with ComicExperience? Their website and program makes me super-appreciate SVS where you can try it out for free to see if it's to your liking, you can participate in the forums without the subscription, and there are many classes that come with the subscription. ComicExperience's business model is quite different-but it appears to offer what I might be looking for to supplement the SVS offerings.

  • I dont know of any groups but if you wanted to make a group around comics writing, I would be glad to participate. I was part of a writing group before in my neighborhood but I didn’t find it helpful because a lot of them were for film/screenwriting.

  • @Susan-Marks Make a group! 😃 I've got a bit of experience in this area and I'd be happy to help out.

    I haven't heard of comics experience before, but unless you're 100% geared toward making and selling a comic, I'd do what you can with free resources at first.

  • The out on the wire is super great podcast! 😃

    Well, I don't know about any group like that. I was on comic oriented discord channel, but all everybody posts were memes... But I would like to be part of one too... 🙂 and as @Braden-Hallett said. why not create one.. 😃 I would gladly help out as well... But I guess you are seeking group with somebody experienced there right? 😃

  • @Jonas-Zavacky @Braden-Hallett @Aleksey Well-we could certainly do a group with folks interested here. I imagine this as verbal group rather than an email/typed group. I know the CED collaborative group here is using Discord--that may be one of the few online visual/chat programs I have not encountered (most of the others are for my work)--but I'd be up for that. My husband is familiar with Discord for gaming.

    I'm in California, more of a morning person than evening, am available on the weekends, or Mon/Wed (when I'm not doing the job-thing). How does that line up for you?

    Frequency-weekly? At least to start and get to know each other/goals, etc?

    This could be exciting!

  • @Susan-Marks my schedule chabges cause i work retail, so ill work around your schedules. Ill do the work, but when it comes to chatting live that might be tough for me

  • I also think it would be fun at the end of this, when we draw something, to have a little bit of an anthology maybe of work?

  • I was asked in another thread if this group could use our Discord for the Arts server, and you're more than welcome! I will setup a comic specific chat room.

    Anyone can use this link to join:

    There is an application process and you'll have to answer a few questions before being approved. This is to avoid the meme overruns mentioned by @Jonas-Zavacky . It shouldn't be an issue for anyone here to get accepted. We just want to keep the community serious and mostly on topic.

  • @Susan-Marks Hmm this could be a problem with me because I am from EU and I have limited time when I can do stuff like this (2-3 hours on the morning and 3 hours on the evening) Weekends are free of course (but I am actually not at home next 2 weekends).

    Oh boy now I feel silly 😃 I still hope that the time would line up... eventually, on the weekends I could join a bit later...

    and thanks I will definitely join @JerrySketchyArt !

  • @Jonas-Zavacky @Aleksey @Braden-Hallett
    Getting humans together around the planet can be so challenging.
    So perhaps we could share what we each were looking for and thought we could bring? As I mentioned, in my mind, I was hearing a conversation. Something like:
    So here's my story idea, I've got A leading to B and the tension is coming from C, but I can't make the plot quite work that way, because I don't know X-or you ask me-well, I don't believe that B would do that, could you have her do Z? or B?
    It's kind of a combination of sharing, brainstorming, critique, more brainstorming-not so much that the suggestions would be the answer, but that the process might get the author (me, in this example). This is similar to the process I've been listening about in the "out on the wire" podcast.

    I'm sure that there are many other ways to do this-you expressed interest so maybe you have an idea about how it could go asynchronously. I'm open.

  • Yeah pretty much like what I hear on out on a wire. Sharing stories and seeing if it makes sense, mainly to keep myself accountable with actually working on the thing i need to work on little by little. I have 2 webcomic ideas that seem like gold to me and I think this will help me keep on track. I also worry about time management generally. I’d also like to help anyone else with the same things.

  • @Susan-Marks I am on the same page with you 🙂 I kinda struggle with the whole comic process so that is something I would be more than happy to participate and help others brainstorm as well.

    With the scheduling. All I wanna focus on now is comics and I need to somehow shift my schedule anyway for that... And this group sounds like something i need 😃 so I will try to adapt to schedule with you guys 🙂

  • @Jonas-Zavacky @Aleksey Got your feedback. I was thinking that a part of the collaborative groups I've been thinking about were "audio"--real-time conversation. But the main point from the Out on a Wire collaborative "edit"-as they call it involve telling your story out loud to others. Now as what they are specifically writing for (podcasts)-this seemed logical. But the author goes on to say it's really critical for any kind of writing.
    So I tightened up my story for the comic today. Tighten here is very relative. And I read it out loud. It sure felt different and some of the holes seemed even more obvious. So I was wondering if it would be of interest to you to share an audio file with your story or pitch, and then we could communicate about it asynchronously, here or elsewhere.

    And its totally understandable to me if this wasn't quite what you were thinking or your interests have moved on. (I have noticed how busy @Aleksey is over in other threads-your environments are stunning!

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