Portfolio/SCBWI piece

  • Hi, this months prompt for scbwi is “bloom” so I’m making a gnome riding a snail, watering plants that grow behind them. I was going to do this a spot illustration but I Keep getting feedback that my portfolio needs a bit more background work. So i added my favorite flora, mushrooms 😛

    I wanted to take a break from The moment before piece.

    I might add some little snails on top of the background mushrooms.


  • @Aleksey I like the foreground and the look of the mushrooms. But one thing I see is that the mushrooms in the back all seem to be the same size? Like a wall of mushrooms not a forest. I think if you layered them getting smaller as they go back you would get a better effect of "being in the mushroom forest".

    Also, have you thought about your values? Are you planning on the foreground to be light and the background dark?

  • @theprairiefox yeah good point on the background. And yes im planning to make the foreground lighter than the background.

    My other idea is sepia ink for the background which would make a softer effect so it would look lighter, and the foreground would be done in black ink.

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