Catching Snow Watercolor

  • With the failure of my characters catching snow on their tongues in the last painting I thought why not zoom in. I started with a rough sketch on a post-it note. Painting done on 140lb Cold Press Arches using ink pen, watercolors (M. Graham), and a little gouache.

    I'm trying to build up a body of work highlighting winter and my fond memories of snow and childhood. I don't like winter near as much now : ). Thanks for your time.



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    This is really fun and charming, Rob.

    I hope you don't mind I did a small draw over. Just a few things... I lowered her facial features a bit, I felt we were losing too much forehead even with her head tilted back. It's a tricky angle and I don't have a reference. I also took out the cheek lines and tried to use the paint to express the roundness there instead of relying on ink. The three lines in a row was a bit distracting and confusing to the eye. I also downplayed the smile a bit, though that could be a style thing and it is fun and dramatic so you can do leave it as is if you want. I tried to define her neck a bit more by adjusting her collar a tad. Hope that helps and feel free to disregard. 😃


  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Thanks for your input. Your ideas made me rework the image. Here is the newly revised painting.


  • The revision is wonderful, she looked a little demented before ;). I like the color pallet you've used, but I almost wish that you did your amazing colored snow as a background. Maybe on another piece as you go into your series!

  • Its FUN! Now I challenge you to make one in mostly blue, but use one complementary Colour. it will help to get a more winterly feeling like this....example.jpg Love winter, snow and Christmas!

  • @Leontine I will accept your challenge

    @bharris You made me chuckle...yep she did look a little demented.

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    Great job, Rob...really nice work. I love the challenge too, go for it!!

  • @Rob-Smith I will accept your challenge as well. What is it?

  • I went back and did a completely new sketch and then a new painting for "Catching Snow". The final image is a combination of traditional and digital watercolor. More traditional then digital.

    Eyes open or closed?


  • I love the color so much and the character as well. I prefer eyes close but if you want them open I think you might want a little white dot or sparkling in her eyes.

  • I prefer the eyes closed, because she has her eyes open then seems to be paying more attention to the viewer rather than enjoying the moment in the snow. Awesome job!

  • I too prefer the eyes closed and I really like the colors in these. One minor thing that I noticed was her chin seems a little long, you might want to lower her facial features a tad to make her look more child-like.

  • @joanie-stone Thanks for your suggestions. That seems to be a trend with me. Here is a the revised image with the facial features set a little lower on the head.


  • Nice! Beautiful colors by the way. I use M.Graham watercolors as well 😃 awesome paints

  • @Rob-Smith Oh wow Rob, its really working out! warm, fun and fresh! The snowflakes are awesome! I want to learn to work with watercolor tooo! I am working on mine btw...maybe I finish up tonight 😃

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    @Rob-Smith I always really enjoy your colors - it adds so much fun, interest and joy to your artwork!

  • I recently went back and re-visited the original painting/idea. I made some changes digitally to the image and renamed it "Its Snowing".


  • Great pieces all, on the this last one, maybe change the sunflower to something more Xmas-sie? A star, reindeer, or candy cane? The green contrast makes me think this is the first snow, maybe a light blue glaze on top would show the weather transition more?

  • @Bobby-Aquitania Thanks for the suggestion!

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