Response from Richard Cartwright's family

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    Those who joined the forum only recently may not have known of the sad death of one of the forum members, Richard Cartwright. When we heard of it on the forum, people wanted to express condolences to his family and our appreciation of him as a fellow artist and so we sent "flowers" by creating artistic interpretations of flowers done in his memory. I volunteered to print them off and send them to the funeral home in British Columbia on everyone's behalf.

    Today I received a card from his family in the mail addressed to the SVS forum. It has a picture of a butterfly on a flower with the text "A simple act of kindness has a beauty all its own. Thank you for your kindness." Inside, the family has written:

    "Please thank your fellow members for their beautiful flowers that you all sent for us in memory of our son Richard. He was so enthused about your organization and we were so proud of him and his art. He passed away so suddenly, leaving a large hole in our hearts but unfortunately, we have no answers as to why it happened yet - maybe in a few months we will know more. I hope all your members keep up their beautiful work. Sincerely, Bill and Sharon Cartwright, Nelson BC Canada."

    When @Jake-Parker @Will-Terry and @Lee-White asked on their last podcast, "What impact has your art had on the world?" I couldn't help but think of the outpouring of caring toward Richard's family from the forum. Images can often say more than words.

  • Oh no, I'm so sad to hear this news. I looked at the flowers you all did and they were a beautiful tribute. Thanks for putting it together Laurie, and for giving an update.

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    @demotlj Thank you so much, Laurie ❤

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    Thanks for gathering all the flowers for his family.

  • Thank you, Laurie, for doing this! So glad they were well received - a wonderful tribute...

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    @demotlj Thanks for all you did to get this going. It was nice to be able to do something to show our sympathey for them and honor Rich.

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