Sleepy rabbits need feedback

  • Hello!

    A while back I started this mini-project of drawing sleepy cartoon rabbits. It was originally so I could practice poses and drawing more consistently. Then I realized it became more of an experiment and question of what look I want when I'm drawing in this kind of style - and I ended up painting them all with slightly different tools and techniques.

    So I would love to hear your feedback on these morning grumpy rabbits (as well as a grease bunny, which was the last thing I drew). The numbers are just the order in which they were drawn. At the moment, I'm especially thinking about how to use color to shade nicely. Compared to earlier stuff I've done, I gradually reduced the amount of colors as well as how bright or dark highlights and shadows are. In a way, I like the cleaner look of, say, the grease bunny, but on the other hand I feel it's more difficult to make the drawing stand out so to say.

    Also, you'll notice I've been incredibly lazy with backgrounds for these. I blame being just as tired as the rabbits.

    Samlade kaniner, liten.jpeg Fiona Featherfoot, low.jpeg

  • @Joen-Söderholm I'm pretty lazy with backgrounds, too 🙂 What in particular are you looking for feedback on? Character design? Rendering? Anatomy? Expression? What's the biggest thing you're worried about when drawin' these bunnies?

  • Hi, I like the expression of the bunnies, they look really tired. I don't know what is coming out from the mouth of the 4th bunny. Bunny 2 looks like younger version of the other bunnies, because of shorter feet and hands and more circle face (this bunny is my favorite one, very cute, not so teen, more childish). I would change the position of the right foot of the bunny 3, the angle doesn't fit. Bunny 1 I would change the left foot,he has sock, but inside the foot is missing, the formof the foot should fit in the sock. I have to say, I like the foot color with the white as the bunny 1 has, also look what sort of toes you are going to use, 1 has different toes. The hands of bunny 4, I would work more on both. I like this big ears, the bunny 1 should have the separation(line) of the ear higher, almost up, like the bunny 3 has. The colors, I like 1-3 the most, the 3 is bit darker, also the shadows, I like the 1-3 the most, they fit well.
    Alltogether you made great work on them.
    PS. backgrounds are lot of work, I know it too... 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett As I mentioned, I'd say color is what I'm thinking most of for this! Almost all of my digital art begin as pencil sketches, and I sometimes feel like I have a hard time "translating" the things that look good in graphite to something that looks good as a colored digital piece. So in that sense, I guess it could be more about how to combine line art and color, rather than just color.

    @MichaelaH Thanks for the comments! Haha, the thing in 4's mouth is supposed to be a toothbrush, though I realized even while sketching that it would be difficult to get that across. Also interesting that you mentioned the toes, because with these drawings I've realized that there are a lot of things I meant to do, but then just plain forget. Having the white toes on them all is one of those things, as well as giving their eyes irises. I'll have to start to write down the things I want in my drawings while I remember them, haha. Thanks again!

  • @Joen-Söderholm Cool! I think one of the big things you can do to up your colouring game is to work on breaking down those characters into basic shapes, and picking a light source. Right now, though there's SOME shading, it feels more like a soft uniform fill than a single light source.

  • @Braden-Hallett Thanks! And an interesting irony, since I've heard before that my shading is sometimes a bit too extreme, which is why I experimented with toning it down here. But maybe I overdid it. My thought was that since my line art can be kind of "flat", maybe it would look better if the shading was also a bit more flat. I'll have to experiment some more!

  • SVS OG

    Hey! I'm a noob so take what I say with a pinch of salt but here is my advice.

    First off, I agree with the person below who said rabbit no 2 is their favourite. I like him for the same reasons - he looks softer and rounder.

    I struggle with the same issues as you for colour and I have realised that I was airbrushing or blending my shading too much. Sometimes you have to have hard lines for your shadows to make shapes pop. Maybe play around with this idea more?

    I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for the feedback @ShannonBiondi ! You actually reminded me that my initial intent was to try to shade with some sharper lines instead of all this softness. You can still see a few traces of it in rabbit no. 1 before I went back to the safety of over-blending. But I do think you're right, and that I'll have to try out the harder lines once again and see if I can do better with it.

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