The Odyssey WIP

  • I've finally managed to get an idea together for this month's contest. Here's a few shots of the stages I've gone through so far for this one. Any thoughts on how to make it better?

    Odyssey thumb 1.png

    Odyssey sketch 1.png

    Odyssey tones 1.png

    Odyssey tones 4.png

    Odyssey rendered 1.png

  • This is really cool and I love the action you've got going on, I've never read the book but I kinda want to know after seeing your idea 🙂
    For me, I'd make the guy (is he Poseidon?) a lot bigger and maybe facing us a bit more so we can see his face, he would look a lot more powerful and I think it would add more drama, plus he'd fill up more space and then you could move the hand over to the left or something and really make that lightning quite angular and sharp - if you get what i mean? Also maybe adding more waves around the boat so the sea doesn't look so calm?
    Look forward to seeing where you take it next!

  • SVS OG

    @SketchyArtish you piece looks really dynamic. Great work. However, I don’t remember this scene from the Odyssey. Poseidon was in deed working against odysseus and his crew but it was through storms and stuff. But if you’re going for a different take on it, then i guess it works. I can’t wait to see your progress.

  • @hannahmccaffery It's a really cool book! Definitely worth a read. I couldn't really rework the pose because I was in too deep (pun totally intended 😛 ). I did have time to rough the water up a bit in the final though. Thanks.

    @nyrrylcadiz Thanks for the feedback! The scene is more symbolic than a literal interpretation of any one scene. Chip said to capture the "feel of the story" so I went for a properly epic battle of the gods.

    Here's the final I submitted:


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