New Dummy Book project

  • SVS OG

    Starting a new dummy book. Here's the first rough spread. All comments and crits welcomed. Thanks. Page-1_2.jpg

  • I think it is a very cute concept, curious to see the next page :).

  • I like Your concept, I am also looking forward to know more about this boy. I find the last picture down right the best in composition and expression, also great the marking of the emovement with this arcs in the second picture.

  • This looks so fun!
    Do you think that the pose could be more interesting in the first image? For my eye it seems to be twinning a bit and stands apart from the other two.
    I actually really like the concept, great work!
    Peace ✌

  • I'm really liking the second page, especially the character pose at the bottom, as already mentioned.
    Is your character talking to the rock or is there a character we aren't seeing yet? Also you may be able to cut down on some of the text on the first page. Perhaps the first facial expression could be more inquisitive and posture less strait on.
    I'm looking forward to seeing more.....and other versions of this spread. I'm thinking sometimes it's good to post a few iterations of a spread for more helpful feedback.

  • SVS OG

    Thank you for the comments. Very helpful. Took some of your advice. Got rid of some of the text on the first page, changed the character pose on page one, and changed the whole character for a more modern outfit. I can see the proportion problems I'm having with the character. Going to iron those out in the next pass. I've never been able to draw a character on model well. Been trying for years....but I'm still working on it. All comments and crits welcomed thanks. Page-1_2.jpg

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