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  • I am currently working on this commission for a client of mines. King J.r., Obama, Mandela, and Malcolm X devating in a boardroom, Please let me know your thoughts.


  • Oh man - this is beautiful - and I just love how you handled the gestures - there's actual movement in the piece - I can feel the arguments/discussions.

    I really quite like having a chalkboard in the back because it hints at nostalgia and is a technology/tool that connects them all - plus you can play with "erasing" ideas throughout their discussion, where there's still a hint of what was written.
    As of right now though King Jr. stands out the most because of his contrast with the back wall - but he's also the most rendered at this point. I'm curious how each figure reads as a group once they're all rendered.
    I feel like, based on what you've laid down already, that you're just going to nail it and that each figure will read beautifully - but since it is a discussion among equals, if King still takes the center stage you could always throw a whiteboard in the back to pop all the figures out.
    I really look forward to seeing how this grows 🙂

  • You've captured each person so eloquently - just beautiful!

  • @kaitlinmakes thanks. I'm excited to fully flesh this one out.

  • @djly thanks again.

  • Here's a WIP


  • Its off to a great start! I feel that Obama doesn't really have a neck. I'd move his head up a bit more. Also Mandela seems to be off in his own thoughts, and not part of the crowd. I dont know if he can be looking more towards Obama while he hands the water over? Just my few cents for improvements.

  • @MirkaH I agree with your take Obama. He's the one I'm having the most difficulty with so far. I have Mandela more or less enjoying the atmosphere. Thanks for your input.

  • @Durrell-Odom cool idea to have all of these men in the same room, I like it.

    I was looking at Obama too and I think you might be having a problem with layering and perspective. He looks smaller than King but is in front of him which is messing with the perspective a bit. I think maybe if you broadened his shoulders so that his silhouette read as closer it would work better. Just a thought. Or maybe if you pushed King's hand holding the bible back it might help? Not sure. Just a thought.

  • WOW this is great. You've really captured likenesses and character so brilliantly here. I don't have anything to add, critique-wise, but please continue to post your progress! Such a cool piece

  • @Eli thanks. It's been a while but here's a WIP. blkhistory_color1.jpg

  • @Durrell-Odom

    I like the change to Malcom's shirt and positioning. I think that really brought the piece back together. Everyone feels in proportion now. The only thing I would say about him though is his book looks really big!

    The color on the chalkboard is really working well too.

    Nice to see some progress.

  • Cool concept. Are you looking for critique at this point?

    I'm loving Mandela sitting there grinning.

  • @theprairiefox thanks. Malcolm X part was bothering me a lot until I shot some new reference.

  • @TessaW thanks. A critique would be helpful rn, but I'm going for that Chris Van Allsburg's Polar Express look. Not looking forward to adding more details as I go along.

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