Nor/Cal SCBWI Conference

  • I'm a Newbie to the "HI" to all!
    I am going to the Nor/Cal SCBWI and was wondering if there is any fellow illustrators that are also planning on going...if so, would you like to meet up at the conference? I am working on my portfolio to submit. I did my first portfolio last year and got a lot of great feedback and I cant tell you what a difference it has made on what I am doing now.
    Let me know if you are interested in the conference.....and again, its SO good to be here. You all are like my illustration tribe and I love your artwork!

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    @arent-draper Yes! Hi! 😂
    If you are talking about the Spring Spirit then, yes, I am going. I am also working on my portfolio. Are you going to do the remote portfolio critique or just the Portfolio Showcase?

    @SarahLuAnn just got back from the Winter Conference in NY. She is kind enough to be interrogated. I am asking her a bunch of questions, that I will post later on this forum to help us newbies know what to expect.

  • @burvantill
    Yes! I am doing the Portfolio Showcase because I also have a "dummy" book that goes with it. I did not do the remote critique because I am still developing my "cyber" gallery...but, I should have that together in a couple of months.

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    @arent-draper i have a goal of revamping my portfolio this year. So I am aiming to get a couple good pieces before the March deadline for the critique. I’m hoping it will help me get noticed when I go the the summer conference in LA. Between March and the spring conference I will be making a couple portfolios. One for the table and one to carry about in case anyone is interested. I forget which lectures I signed up for (so many to choose from) but Ill look at my schedule later, maybe we will have some in common. 🙂

  • I am signed up for the

    1. Branding in with Natascha Morris
    2. Illustrating Picture Books from start to finish with Kristen Schwartz
    3. Strengthening Your Composition for Illustrators with Chad Hunter
    4. Figuring Out Feedback for Illustrators with Chad and Kristen
      Also, Natalie Lakosil (form Bradford Literary Agency) will be there.

    I am going to stay at the Crowne Plaza Hotel because it has a restaurant (and room service) on its only a few miles from the Conference...I stayed there last year and I like it. Where are you planning to stay?
    Carrying around a second portfolio with you is a good idea...I don't have a second nice portfolio but I can bring some loose artwork in a student-like one (it's just black cardboard with ties)
    I also have to get business cards again (last year, I only had 50 made up and between the Nor/Cal and LA Conference, I ran out)

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    I'm signed up for
    1.Natascha Morris: Branding Yourself
    2.Natascha Morris: Querying/Working with an Agent
    3.Chad Hunter: Strengthen Your Compositions (for Illustrators)
    4.Patricia Newman: Using Twitter as a Building Block for Your Author/Illustrator Platform

    We'll have 1 & 3 together 👍.
    I actually live close enough that I don't have to get a room. Thankfully.

    Do you have an Instagram or website, so we can see your work?

  • Presently working on a Website (be about another month or so)
    You must live in,too! I live in the North Bay Area of San Francisco!

  • Lisa, your illustrations are fantastic!
    I love the nature theme and your animals are beautifully done!

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    @arent-draper Thankyou 😊

  • Hello! I'm new to the forum too. I will be at Spring Spirit. I actually won the logo contest for it! I'm still a newbie illustrator and trying to pull together my first portfolio to show (it's my first SCBWI conference too).
    alt text
    I am looking forward to meeting everyone and learn more about the business of Children's Books.

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    @Jessica-Mercado Congrats in the win! That’s great. What lectures are you signed up for, if you don’t mind sharing? 🙂

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    @arent-draper I found this DIY Portfolio on Pinterest. This is the best one I found to help me make my own portfolios to take to the conference. Looks pretty simple. I thought I’d share in case you wanted to make your own.

  • Hi, Jessica!
    I saw your interview on Arree's SA post...and I love your Spring Spirit Illustration! You and Lisa Burvant are miles ahead of me when it comes to Children's Books (I have experience in Graphic Design but its only been in the last year that I am concentrating on PB's and I have a lot to learn)
    I went to the conference last year for the first time and it really is a great! I would love it if we could all sit together at the same table.
    Rebecca Arent-Draper

  • @burvantill
    Thank you so much....I will make one! Looks great.
    I just messaged Jessica-Mercado and suggested we all sit together at the same table at the Conference.

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    @arent-draper sounds great!

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