Here is my rough sketch for "Love"

  • love.jpg


  • @rcartwright I can identify the location - cemetery not necessarily how the character is sitting or kneeling. I wouldn't put the cross on the left side but maybe a background that extends to that side to help balance things out. Also maybe change the height of the headstones instead of them at the same eye level as the characters head.

    🙂 It's a very current memory for me this year and last few months - so many from my church have passed away. I am sure this work is very important to you as well.

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    I agree about the headstones. Making them a little taller with the tree hanging down in the background will almost make a frame around the reader on the ground. Maybe make the trunk of the tree a little wider to balance out the heavy headstones. This looks like its going to be an emotional piece. Looking forward to the progression. =)x

  • @Heather-Boyd I have her reading and it is a picnic. The idea being that she goes and spends a long period of time there. I think all this will be a little cleared when I firm up the line drawing. Thanks for the feed back

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