“Big” entry revised. My submission was creeping me out so I fixed it!

  • My entry for the contest was done as well as I could get it done but something bugged me. When I looked at my wolf his mouth was wrong. So I fixed it as best as I could. Now it looks less like a tube (or something worse) and a bit more like what I was attempting to do.

    I have been in a sad and serious slump for 3 months up until about a week ago. Have not been able to get anything completed and have been bummed about my inability to put my vision on the page.

    I came to the realization that I had to just get up and DO IT weather I wanted to or not. I spent several days just doing stupid and junky junk, but then the next time things clicked a little. Then a little more. Now I feel like maybe I can begin to work forward. Thanks to. The forums and your encouragement toward others which I internalized for myself.

    Before: Untitled_Artwork.jpg

  • I love your improvements to the image. The expression and gesture of the pigs are fantastic, nice work!

  • @djly Thank you so much!

  • Adding the line of the wolf's mouth made him a lot easier to see. Great job!

  • @avfarrar Thanks!

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