Mallards (Critiques appreciated)

  • A piece I'm working of NC animals (ducks).
    First picture is how it's coming. Second is with the other two in the series.
    I have more sketches and thumbnails but they didn't make the reference board.
    I see a few minor tweaks but mostly happy. I was nervous about the pthalo in the underpainting but think it's ok here. Maybe not for the cardinals though...

  • SVS OG

    @ThisKateCreates I love painting birds and your sketches look great. (The composition of the cardinals is really nice and I love the raccoon peeking through the foliage.) On the mallards, you might want to move the upper one a little to the left or do something so that the picture isn't divided in half by the stream down the middle. It's nice to see these paintings when the view out my window is just frozen snow!

  • @demotlj Thanks! I'm glad my summertime views improved your day. There is no snow here!
    I'll play with it a bit postprocess and see if it improves. XD

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