Mastering Perspective Breakthrough

  • Oh my goodness. I just realized everything I learned about solving optics problems in Physics applies to my perspective problems and think I solved a composition! Mind blown.

    Thanks to that Mastering perspective class and the careful graphs of my youth!

    I've spent hours trying to adjust camera angles and five minutes into the video I just "see" the missing point. So glad I got the subscription. I feel like it's really helping me learn how to think for illustration and construction. 💕

    Was worth it to do the life drawing stuff to learn accuracy first but feel like this is really helping!

    Done fangirling. 😛

  • I feel ya! I went into Jake's How to Draw Everything class going "I know all this stuff!" but good lord... I learned a lot lol. I had so many "Oh, wait, THAT'S how you do that?!" moments lol

  • @thiskatecreates That's so great!!!! 😃

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