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    I had some time off work over Christmas, so I took my car in for some routine service. Knowing I’d be sitting there awhile, and not wanting to waste the time and be bored, I took my iPad along and forced myself to draw on it in public 😯

    I decided on drawing a bored looking toad, given the circumstances (waiting at the repair shop.) Nobody even seemed to notice me huddled in a corner drawing, for which I was grateful, and I kinda liked the fat little guy I drew. Finished him up at home, and here he is.

    Goals accomplished - drawing in public, finishing something, and learning more about working in Procreate. Feedback welcome, if you’d like, and thanks!


  • SVS OG

    I like the toad -- so much expression -- and I sympathize with your discomfort of drawing in public. It's taken me a while to get used to doing it but I have discovered for the most part that no one pays attention, and the ones who have commented have been mostly people who like to draw themselves and are excited to see someone else doing it.

  • So cute. I like the expression. I draw in public frequently now and most people don't comment or think it's cool.

    Your value arrangement is not showing the form fully:
    In grayscale you can see that the dark spots in the light are much darker than the light skin in shadow. This can work if you aren't wanting realism, but a real life toad it wouldn't be the case. The lightest part in the darks (shadow region) would usually be darker than the darkest part of the lights (highlight and such). Toads are shiny anyway so he could have more intense highlights and the shadows could be more strongly asserted. Again, depending on objective.

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    Laurie, I found that to be true, nobody said anything or even looked interested. My hubby says people are too self-absorbed to notice me LOL! Fine with me.

    @thiskatecreates, thanks for the feedback, I agree that the values need work. The objective was definitely not realism, but still, the image would certyhave been better with more attention to values. A good lesson 🙂

  • @Kat I like to take a marker and small drawing pad with me whenever I have to take the kids to practice (swimming, basketball, etc.) I have also found that in general nobody pays attention. The only exception I have found is that kids love to come up and see what you are doing and always love looking through my pictures (which is fun for me.)

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    @theprairiefox , I'm very glad nobody noticed me. I know I'd have snapped the cover closed and looked like I was hiding state secrets LOL!

  • @kat I like having random kids look at stuff because they are not judgemental. But if you let them look through your sketchbook and ask them which ones they liked best you will get an honest answer of your most appealing images.

    They always have interesting ideas of what you should draw next as well. I have had quite a few pictures created from prompts by kids.

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    @kat When I first started sketching in public, no matter how much I tried to convince myself that people wouldn't judge my drawings, I was still really insecure it so I actually started using a sketchbook that I could add and subtract pages to and before I'd go out, I'd put a bunch of good drawings in it and take out the bad. That way if anyone insisted on looking at what I was doing, I could say, "This one is just a really rough sketch but here are some on my more finished ones." As I said, people rarely ever wanted to look but it was my way of reducing my anxieties so I could just focus on sketching. I worry less about it now but it took a long time to get over my insecurities about it.

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    Laurie, good idea! Sort of preparing for a surprise critique 🙂

    I'm trying to stick with digital on my ipad at the moment, but maybe I could have photos ready to show if anybody was interested.

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