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  • Hello Forum Folks,
    I am currently studying Illustration in the UK. I absolutely love listening to the podcasts as I live in the middle on nowhere so it is a great resource to keep me in the loop and working on my art and professional plans.🎩 💼

    I have two kids under three, so for me life is spent juggling life and trying to find moments to get back to my desk to earn money vs spending time watching the kids grow up and being a parent.

    In 2019, I am taking on a great studio space and taking a bit of a leap applying for Arts Council Funding and some local grant funds to work on The Lost Book Project ( , which is a book about early miscarriage which is aimed at adding a large portion of humanity at a horrible time with humour and reflections on the experience and some of the wider issues in current care. I understand that this is niche!
    Excited to meet creative workers and get more involved in this fantastic space.

    All the best
    My instagram account is @emmaillustrating
    Thank you for reading 🙂

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  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @emma-johnson welcome to the forums and best of luck on your project.

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