Got an epson 3750 from santa

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    Got a printer for Christmas! Yay! The p600 was a bit too expensive for right this second. I got the epson we-3750. I kinda wanted a work horse and I wasn’t sure if that one was best suited for tons of cards vs fancy art prints. It has a high dpi for scanning and printing. Not that this one seemed cheap. Just hope I can get cute cards printed at home. The Hp from a million years did okay, so this one should be awesome. Here’s to investing in the business. It was super hard to put the camera back on Black Friday and get the printer instead. Sell enough, I can buy my own canon rebel!

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    I hope santa was good to you and your family! I know we have sketch books a plenty for the kiddos!

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    @whitney-simms Merry Christmas!

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