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  • Hi Everyone,

    I've already posted a bit, but just now an introduction. ๐Ÿ™‚ It's exciting to have found what seems to be a good community to encourage me to improve my work. I spent the last year or so doing weekly classes at a small atelier in New Zealand and am in the states right now looking for a way to continue my forward progress without that support. After years of stalled growth I have definitely come to appreciate the importance of community and training.

    I want to continue to improve my accuracy and foundational drawing skills but also begin the work on narrative and imaginative work. You guys have persuaded me the SVS learn classes are worth going through and I'm really enjoying them already.

    My favorite style of creating work is definitely oil paints. โค I want to learn more digital skills but sometimes am tired of computers after a day of work. I use watercolors and pens a lot right now because I don't have a good setup for my oils but hope to use them again soon. Very much missing the studio I used to use and trying to find new workflows that fit my life and let me keep creating.


  • Hello Kate,

    It's nice to meet you and learn about your life a bit more. New Zealand wow wow! Must be beautiful. "I want to continue to improve my accuracy and foundational drawing skills but also begin the work on narrative and imaginative work." - I agree with you here. Though I find it a bit overwhelming wanting and feeling like I need to cover it all. I don't have a favourite medium or style as of yet, I like many things. I like traditional mediums for the sake of my eyes and head. I like the digital for its forgiveness and variety.

    Do you have a website or Instagram I could take a look at your work? I hope to have a website up in the fall of 2019 -that's a planning goal.


  • @heather-boyd I use Instagram. "thiskatecreates" is my handle. Are you on Instagram?
    New Zealand was certainly beautiful and it was wonderful to live there for a while.
    A website sounds like a good goal. I might get one eventually but not unless I have a portfolio that I feel is worthwhile to host.

  • Hi Kate,

    You've already given me some critiques I've found them very helpful, thank you! I actually purchased a book on drawing atelier, I haven't finished all of it though. Are you working on any portfolio stuff?

  • @swordofodin No portfolio yet. I just want to finish a set of 5 related paintings I started, do a set of illustrations for a book as practice, and working on art for a game with some friends.

    For selling work I want to try and have enough paintings to go to a market/art fair first. I think I really need a portfolio if I was applying for jobs? I don't have five finished pieces I'm proud of yet so doubt I need one? Do you have a portfolio put together yet?

  • @thiskatecreates no I donโ€™t. Im thinking about what kind of portfolio i wanna have and goin through the svs videos. Iโ€™d like to try to go for picture books and maybe one day character design. Thereโ€™s still a couple of videos on svs i want to watch before i do that.

  • @thiskatecreates

    I don't have Instagram anymore. It had been a personal account but rarely used it.

    I don't have portfolio worthy pieces as of yet so a nice fall goal even just to start with 3 - 5 works is a challenge but a good goal none the less. I think once I get a process up and going I might go back onto Instagram to ensure I update or post once a week or so.


  • @heather-boyd In my signature you mean? Like below?

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    @thiskatecreates welcome! ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • @burvantill Thanks!

  • @thiskatecreates yes, thanks.

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