PP WIP- in the mood for hedgehogs

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    @Leontine I will try and draw some hedgehogs soon then 🙂 gotta finish my Poe but hopefully after that I can return to the cute side...

  • A great little concept!

  • Leontine Gaasenbeek Hedgehog.jpg Here's the colored version of my hedgehog. Shall I leave the moon out? how about these falling leaves, are they distracting? suggestions are welcome! thanks!

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  • Hi, Leontine!
    You captured the mood of a forest in a fall night pretty well! 🙂 I would let the moon in. Especially, because you managed the two light sources niceley.
    About the falling leaves, they bring a lot of fall atmosphere. I would change a bit their movement, though. You might try to make them look more naturally falling. You might also add some more leaves which reached already the ground.
    Something like this:falling leaves.jpg
    Very cute peace overall. 🙂

  • Very cute 😃
    But it seems a bit dark to me, just tiny bit. Especially compared to the moon. I feel it might be stealing attention from the hedgehog.

    Concerning the leaves... they fee a bitl weird an unnatural or artificial to me. They fall straight down, I dont think leaves fall this way. It is just a gut feeling.. They blend a bit with the background since they have exact same pattern as branches on the background trees. Light might be also a bit off since they are quite close to the lantern, but quite dark.

    EDIT: my contrast on was too low and it was way darker than it really is, sorrry

  • It's looking lovely. I'd just be a bit more conscious of the texture throughout. If you look near the moon, there's a ton of texture, whereas the grass just looks like an airbrush gradient. I'm liking the composition. I think the leaves could maybe do to be a bit smaller, but the character design is lovely.


    EDIT: Also the hedgehog... The spikes are amazingly textured and then the body looks a bit digital to me.

    Hope this helps.

  • Lovely image! I would take the leaves out you don't need them and I would remove some of the texture around the moon. I love your characters, adorable!!

  • My feeling is that the mood of fall would get a bit lost without the falling leaves. You might add then some fall related structure on the ground or more fall related colors, like with the acorn.

  • adjusted version...more leaves on the soil?
    leontine gaasenbeek hedgehog 4.jpg

  • @Jana danke schön Jana, soll ich weitere Blätter hinzufügen?

  • @Jiří-Kůs thank you, I ve worked on the piece a bit. How about now?

  • @Ace-Connell Hi Ace, worked on it a bit, what do you think?

  • Wow, Leontine, the piece improved even more. 🙂 I like the texture you have added to Miss Hedgehog.
    Maybe two more leaves, like close to the stones... That might be fine.
    Your German speaking brought me a big smile! 🙂

  • @Jana Thank you. Ill work on the leaves, thanks for the example! ich habe versucht, auf Deutsch zu schreiben, weil wir Nachbarn sind, Hoffentlich etwas was ich gelernt habe im schule is noch geblieben. XD

  • @Leontine Moving that leaf did so much! I think it works now.

  • @Jiří-Kůs thanks!

  • and the latest one leontine gaasenbeek hedgehog 5.jpg

  • Super! Sehr schön.😊

  • SVS OG

    @Leontine there are so many things to like about this piece 🙂 I love the way you’ve lit the scene, the way the moonlight shines through the leaves…the feel of glow from the lamp, also the design of the glowworm and the pencil texture 🙂 I think the moon is great. But the leaves do bother me, for a few reasons…the scene feels very still, like there is no wind, so less likely for leaves to fall….I actually don’t think you need the leaves in the composition even though they are beautifully drawn…though they do tie in with the brown of the hedgehog….maybe if at the top there was a branch visible with more leaves, to show where the falling leaves are coming from…I know that might be tricky to work in now you’ve taken the piece this far…if you extended the top of the frame then a branch could curve round and frame the picture nicely…just an idea though…

    Other thing, the bush behind the glowworm might look better with more leafy texture on it…the glow from the lamp might catch some leaf outlines a bit more….maybe also by the hedgehog’s foot, could have a little more ground/grassy texture to show that it’s natural…..sorry this sounds like a lot of things! Just ideas, and really overall it is a lovely piece 🙂

    PS. Wrote this comment before seeing latest version…the added texture/light on the hedgehog looks great 🙂

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