Is there a missing video in the How To Ink series?

  • Just finished the How To Ink series with Jake Parker. Really loved it but I feel like there's a missing section. At the end of video 5 "Line Width", Jake mentions that the next section will be all about spotting blacks. But the next video "inking styles" is only about different ways of inking. At one point Jake shows the completed version of the inkbot that he was working on in video 5. The inkbot has large areas of black filled in (such as the bottle and the stopper) but there doesn't seem to be any video footage of him doing that or any explanation of the process.

    Am I missing something or it that just how the course was edited?

  • SVS OG

    That's a good good question. I may have completely forgotten to do a chapter on spotting blacks. Let me go back through the footage and see if it just ended up on the cutting room floor or if I just imagined it.


    What'd you think of the rest of the course?

  • I really loved this myself, I started off as a penciller way back when as I loved comics so this really was great for that next step.

  • Also noticed this, thought it got cut in the end.

    @Jake-Parker I think for the price it was great course, I especially liked the assignments, excercises in the beginning and the thought process behind what lines should be thick and thin. I think I heard all I wanted to learn and the rest is practice.

  • @Jake-Parker I really got a lot out of the course thanks. It's given me some great tips and exercises that have helped me improve heaps. I've been doing the inktober challenge and posting a drawing every day on my FB page so thanks for giving me the inspiration and the tools to carry it out 🙂

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