Brutally Honest

  • @dafoota Just to echo what everyone else said here. It's really about being specific in what you're asking, people can still be nice but still specific. It's not so much about being harsh or being nice, it's about being specific and honest, and the best way to get that is to be specific in what you're looking for and what you're trying to achieve.

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    In all the social media platforms i’ve used, this forum is the most honest, knowledgable, and helpful one i’ve found. Give it a try. 👍

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    You should try 4chan (i just discovered it). They’re really brutal tho. I won’t recommend to most but you can also give it a try.

  • Again i say there is something great about encouragement especially if it is honest and or constructive.

    In my city im around a group of artist that always says in front the artist nice stuff and then when they are gone tough stuff. Sometimes honest sometimes trash.

    But for some reason i can see something is wrong but i can put my finger on it. When i ask my local group. I get practice. Haha

    So on here i was just gonna bypass any grouos like that and get to those who can reveal to me my reality. Im on a mission to catchup 20 years. The niceness is good but sometimes not true. Im simply just saying i value the truth regardless on how it is delivered.

    Witb that said thank you for all your feedback. I look forward in growing with you all. Im also excited for this community. I apologize if spread some negativity. That was not my intentions.

    Much love and God bless!

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    Welcome @dafoota !

    Just post the image and mention the trouble you are currently having with it & people on the forum help out 👍

    Because everyone here is trying to improve their art skills constantly !

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    @dafoota 4chan is for you

  • @whitney-simms no worries. I belive that hate breeds hate. I wasnt trying to be hateful. Just wondering what kind of forum i was to expect. Thank you for your honesty. I also knowhow hard it is to tell one’s opinion without trying to tear them down.

    Much love and God bless!

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    Part of growing as an artist is also learning what kind of critique you need, what kind of critique are you prepared to work with and what kind of critique is not useful or even damaging to what you’re trying to do. Art is not like building a lego kit following the instructions or putting in the plumbing of a house - there is no „right“ and „wrong“ way of doing it. I’m not a „express-your-feelings-and-all-is-right“ kind of person - quite the contrary. But after spending the last six years studying commercial illustration and the illustration world in all its facets, I think it´s too complex to expect guidance from any single source or sources - even from peer critique.
    Of course many can give you honest feedback on fundamentals like anatomy, perspective, and some basic composition and color concepts. Wether that´s what you want to work on or even what you need is your decision. There are many artists who defy all of those consistently and are doing great work nonetheless.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is that this community is very supportive, very knowledgeable and very open. You will get honest and constructive criticism here - different things from different people probably. The more precise you are with the kind of critique you want, the better will the response be. It´s a big help in seeing through the fog and start to understand the lay of the land. It´s still not the key to unlock progress - you’ll need to figure out for yourself what the next step is and even where the road is.

  • @smceccarelli awesome

    Thank you for you feedback! I am grateful

  • @dafoota Really curious now!! you must post some art and I will be honest. I also lost 15-20 years with no art due to illness so I am catching up too. Art styles change in that time so try not to be old fashioned unless that is your style. The thing about critque is sometimes people take offence and never speak to you again so most people try to be polite. I must admit I can be afraid to give my opinions which is not much help to anyone.

  • I came from the same type of upbringing, so I totally understand. Tact is something I had to learn (with the help of my wife) after I moved out of my parents house. This forum focuses more on support and being constructive, which is a good thing; however, it can be difficult for me to interpret people's feedback unless they are straight-forward. Just want you to know you're not alone. But I say post on here and ask people to be straight-forward and to the point with their critiques.

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