Childhood week artwork

  • Hi guys, feel this is a great place to get feedback so I'll be posting my Childhood week picture here.
    As my previous post you will see I normally draw robots (or if you follow me on Instagram then skulls too)

    So these pieces are a bit out my comfort zone.
    All feed bac![alt text](image url)k is very much appreciated, especially regarding the colour and shading.



  • Nice, I'm liking the exaggerated roundness/perspective on you're objects like the boxes and bed. Works well with your inking and coloring

  • SVS OG

    @craig-imrie These are nice illustrations even for stepping out of your comfort zone. If I could change one thing in the monster under the bed image it might be the value range. I think you can bring in more light and introduce some darker values around the edge to help the image really pop and still be a night time image. As it is the values seem very close to each other, at least at a glance for me.
    The roaring dinosaur looks fantastic in my opinion but it took me a while to figure out what he was doing, but that may have just been me. The first few times I looked at it I thought he was just sitting there holding onto the box behind him but then noticed the right arm and took a closer look. Now I see the "big monster stomping through the city" pose. Maybe having the arms in different positions of the walk might help it read faster but it does look good.

  • Thanks for the feedback, always great to hear how someone initially sees your work.

    I over estimated my free time and falling behind.
    Only line art so far for the next one.


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