Inktober sketch inspired by Nate :-)

  • Hey Nate (@naters-calderone) and everybody! 🙂
    Inspired by Nates great inktober contribution I wanted to try out his style just to learn to ink with his nice style of setting the lines very controlled and waiving too much black areas or hatching. One of my favorite characters of his series is this little crazy girl. I put her in a different pose, which I think matches her nature. It was really fun doing it! 🙂 Thanks, Nate!
    girl inspired by Nate Inking.jpg

  • SVS OG

    Nicely done 🙂

  • well done! she looks great. you totally captured her personality. what kind of pen are you using? she doesn't have a name in my story yet, would you like to name her? it's the origin story of Thanksgiving and she dupes the giant.

  • Thanks, Nate (@Naters-Calderone) and Lynn (@Lynn-Larson)!
    I am using quite cheap pens. In this I used two kinds: a Stabilo Greenpoint with 0.8 mm tip and a Schneider Topliner 967 with 0.4 mm tip. I am not sure how known they are outside Germany.

    How nice to ask for a name!? 🙂 I like if the name of a character is somehow contrary to his/her personality to cause a kind of surprize for the reader, when the characters behavior does not really match the expectations. I am not an expert and it would be interesting to hear what Lee (@Lee-White) is saying about this.
    For German ears this girl looks like a Gertie, which sounds very diffident and well-behaved. If you prefer to go for a more cheeky name then I would propose a boyish name, like Kim. I don't know why but I find also a french name pretty good for her like Gabrielle. These are my proposals :-). What do you think?

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