The Advent Elves: a project for my Favorite Client (my daughter)

  • Hello Illustrators,
    I'm new to this forum (and newly back--attempting--to doing illustration). I've spent time binge-listening to Mr. Jake Parker's youtube channel where over and over there's talk of making projects and holding yourself accountable (I'm not complaining, the content is super helpful and encouraging). So... here I am announcing my December project in the hopes for feedback and an added sense of accountability (also terrified of being in front of real artists).
    Project: 25 Drawings of Elves on one big poster...I'm calling it Advent Elves. I'm posting my first drawing and the announcement! I made for social media....![!]0_1543727060940_advent elves annoucement.png 0_1543727133855_day one advent elves.jpg


  • I am new here (and starting in illustration too.) I love the concept of the Advent Elves and your characters are very fun!

    One piece of feedback I would have is that in the second drawing your elves are not reading as well. I am thinking contour lines and outside shapes. Especially the elf on the ground. I think part of it is that his arm is obscuring his face and making it harder to read his overall shape. It might have been stronger if his other arm had been pushing instead.

    Like I said, overall love the idea. My boys would get a kick out of these illustrations too. Very fun characters!

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