• These are nice! It's a great theme. I really like the inkwork around the flame on the first one, and I like that you made the second one an actual pomegranate instead of an apple. I don't remember where, but I read that it was probably a pomegranate in the original story.

  • @twiggyt Thank you so much! I am having a lot of fun with these. In Genesis it says fruit so I figured I could do what I want. I heard in Jewish tradition it was a pomegranate. Did they even have apples in the middle east?

  • SVS OG

    This would make great church bulletin covers. They are way superior to what I see in most of the catalogues I deal with. I may come a knocking at your door next Advent!

  • @demotlj I'd be thrilled!

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins I don’t know what kinda product you will make with this next year, but sign me up! These are fantastic. I can’t wait to see them continue. I’m doing a few Christmas projects now for next year. It’s way more fun to paint christmas now than in August. But... Mrs Clause has parties to throw and presents to buy, no way I could tackle a 25 day project! Hats off to you. Really looks great!

  • @whitney-simms Thank you so much. It is tough, I admit, especially when I have a commission to work on, but I benefit so much from the routine of it. I think I might make this into an advent book if I can find a publisher.

  • Day 4 Advent Announcement Luke 1:32-39. Had a hard time capturing the colors. Purples and yellows are not liked by my phone. Oh that I were a genius on Photoshop. 0_1543960327884_IMG_20181204_164908_384.jpg

  • Addendum: Critiques/advice wanted: I really love Mary in this picture but I hate how I drew the angel. He kind of looks like the human torch with fairy wings. I just could not capture "powerful glowing being from heaven" with traditional ink and markers. I will take any suggestions as to what I could have done better. I was trying not to go for the traditional sweet look, but I think I failed. Also, I am not sure I got the perspective right on the background but I did take a clue from @Lee-White's creative composition class and I altered the lines so that they are not defined by the paper's edge. I really like the look of the table but I am not sure the angles are good on the pots and bread pan. Any advice?

    about her dress. What is that? Ugh. I REALLY need to draw fabric like every day for a year. Ugh. Oh Well, finished not perfect.

    Also, this is a terrible photograph! I cannot seem to capture a good likeness of this piece. I promise you it looks much better in person Maybe Gabriel is blocking me because I made him look like Surtur from Thor or Darth Maul.

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins I think it’s the flames. I know that angels are often discribed as on fire. Something like that. I think it’s because we don’t have words to discribe angelic glowyness. Wouldn’t that be funny in scriptures! Ha! I like the feather like glow. That was pretty. It’s an interesting way to create that feel. Maybe if the “flames” were more curly or just lose them next time. The lighting is nice on Mary.

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins can you change Gabrielle’s small triangle flames to hair? Just make a solid type form and use those curls as accent lines. I don’t know how to draw on the picture on my phone. Like, connect the points of the flames to make it look like hair? I bet that would make a big difference. The flames on the wings are really nice.

  • Here is a better picture of it. I was able to scan it finally and adjust it on my laptop. 0_1544007538835_The Annunciation 2MP.jpg

  • Day 5 Joseph's Dream

  • Day 6. Census and Tax Luke 2:1-2 I am running behind but that's okay. My daughter had surgery this week.

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins I continue to love the style of these and think it is making a wonderful series. I hope your daughter's surgery was not serious and that she heals quickly.

  • @demotlj Thank you. This one wasn't, but she has a major one on the 21st.

  • Here is day 7. The Journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem
    0_1544889103318_IMG_20181214_233238_143.jpg I realized messed up the coloring of the background. What colors would you have chosen? Maybe do a draw over to let me see? I normally don't struggle with color but I didnt6have a clear vision in my head with this.

  • SVS OG

    @chrisaakins said in Advent:

    Here is day 7. The Journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem

    What colors would you have chosen?

    I might have used a darker version of the blue from Mary's robe for the sky then used that color to glaze over the other background colors to start and adjust from there.... but I'm not good at color myself so there's that. My thinking is that by using the same base color and tweaking it ever so slightly it helps unify the colors, especially since this is night scene. I like that you've taken on this project and think you've done well. Keep it up!

  • Day 8 A child is born!

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