Thinking of doing a self-portrait for Slow-vember...finished Mushroom Village illustration

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    5 months late...but I finished the painting for June's contest "Mushroom Village" and figured I may as well share it. I procrastinated so hard on this one because I was scared of painting glow-y things at night and messing it up badly. But then I just went for it and actually learned a lot from the process. I'm glad I finished it...better late than never.

    High up in the evertrees
    The lady light does glow
    She sets free seeds and moon-beam dreams
    Onto the floor below.

    0_1542830004300_2018-11-21 11.51.43.jpg

  • SVS OG

    When I was still using watercolor medium, I was also scared messing up the painting when doing new techniques. I'm glad you really went for it. Great work! I like your palette and the design of Lady Light. Is that glowing mushroom her dress? Also, your rhyme sounds amazing.

  • Thanks for the comment. No, the mushrooms aren't a part of her dress, although I had thought about it. I envisioned the Lady Light kneeling in the cavity of one of the mushrooms.

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