No Shave November

  • If you haven't heard of no shave November, its a challenge, typically for men, to grow your facial hair without shaving for the entire month. From their twitter "#LetItGrow & donate your monthly trimming costs to fight the good fight. No-Shave November aims to eradicate all cancers, with all hair, all the time."
    So what I thought would be a fun challenge and way to participate would be to do an illustration of a character participating! So through the Month of November I will be doing #noshavedrawvember on my instagram page. I'll post the illustrations in this thread too. I happen to have grown a beard a time or 2 so I know some of the challenges haha. I can't wait to see how crazy this guys beard gets, I would love to see anyone else's illustrations of bearded characters!
    Start with a Clean Shave
    0_1541800976970_Screenshot_2018-11-09 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos.png
    A couple days in and you've got a mean 5 o'clock shadow, looking pretty cool!
    0_1541801046107_Screenshot_2018-11-09 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos(1).png
    Not feeling so cool now! My God, the itching!
    0_1541801094090_Screenshot_2018-11-09 Scott Higgins on Instagram “Day 8 of #noshavenovember not feeling so cool now, it’s ITCHY You just wa[...].png
    Your beard is patchy bro, fill it in!
    Your better half will be pullin those stragglers!
    Finally after the itching and patchiness and plucking a real beard.

  • Love the illustrations and idea! 😃 I had a crazy thought a while ago to draw every illustration during November with a moustache. But there's a Folktaleweek challenge in the middle so it probably won't happen ><

  • @mountainbeehive oh giving all your illustrations mustaches would be fun too! Thanks for the compliment! I’m having a lot of fun with this idea, I was inspired after my first participation this year in Inktober. I want to take these into photoshop and color them too

  • I have been updating the original post with the newest illustrations but I realize it doesn't pop back up for anyone as a new post. So i'm going to start posting them as new posts instead. But if you want to see them all together go to instagram and search #noshavedrawvember I'm tagging all of my illustrations with that tag.
    Food and foam now get stuck in your beard!?
    0_1542221650193_Screenshot_2018-11-14 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos.png

  • Day 14 of #noshavenovember, its not just for the guys! The ladies have actually been growing theirs out since September once it became pants weather.0_1542375378843_Screenshot_2018-11-16 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos.png

  • Fun with your beard
    0_1542631662577_Screenshot_2018-11-19 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos.png

  • Chicks dig the beard
    0_1542631694789_Screenshot_2018-11-19 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos(1).png

  • Show that beard some love
    0_1542632002728_Screenshot_2018-11-19 Scott Higgins ( shiggins180) • Instagram photos and videos(2).png

  • Got a little behind posting these here but they are up to date on instagram
    Day 19 Hair hair everywhere
    Day 20 Watch out for zippers
    Day 21 Dress up is more fun!
    Day 22 Compare your beards at Thanksgiving!
    Day 23/24 Black Friday Shopping, scare those old ladies with your beard!

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