Closed Critique Group

  • I want to join up with 2 or 3 illustrators to create a closed critique group on Facebook. The intention of the group would be to learn how to critique others better and be helpful to a small group of artists and also to receive practice and art advice. This would be a serious deal with everyone participating once every couple of weeks to look at what everyone else has been creating, to discuss projects, share experience and get better. I have wanted to do this for a while, if you think you are ready please look at my profile or Instagram to see if you think we would be a good fit. I'm hoping we would stick together long term and really help each other, hit artistic goals, improve motivation and have other people to be accountable to. Would also be good to make friends through art.

  • Hi Judy,
    I might be interested. I would like to learn to critique others art better as well as have input on my own projects. I especially want to learn to see how I can be more helpful in critiqing others so I am not always getting the benefits. I have a few projects I'm working on. Also, the forums are wonderful but it's not always easy to get someone to respond when asking for critiques. Thanks! I am in a small private writing critique group on facebook that has been great .

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Hey Marsha. Great. I love the forum too I learn so much from seeing people's work develop and also the comments I have received personally have been invaluable. I would post the same here and keep enjoying the forum. This would be a new thing for me and I like the idea of a regular online meet up for a hour every couple of weeks. I would like to do it on this forum if possible. Maybe there is a way to create a closed group that's not public. Does anyone know?

  • @judy-elizabeth-wilson I'm sure we could ask @Will-Terry ,@Jake-Parker or @Lee-White !

  • I'd love to join a group like that! I'm currently just illustrating in my free time, trying to build up a portfolio while I work a full-time design job with goals of making illustration my full-time gig. I don't think I would have enough to show on a weekly basis but every 2-4 weeks would be great.

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