Gone a while, new idea sketch, hi how are you?

  • Hey everyone!
    It's been a while since I have posted around here, in fact it's been a while since I even finished a full piece of artwork if I exclude all the little drawings I did for Inktober! I think since the last time I posted I even attended my first Con in Artist Alley and while it didn't go how my wife was wanting it to go, I thought it went GREAT! And I'm actually attending Eucon in 4 days to do it again!

    With that said, one of the things I decided I would do is Disney themed pictures. I always thought I wouldn't want to do Fan Art or anything but after our first con I think I am swayed a little bit to do some. Now I don't plan to replace my whole art inventory with fan art/a bunch of well known IP pieces, I still will have the majority of my table be my own original work.

    Also, I love doing my own stickers! One of my most memorable moments from the convention was when a couple of little girls were walking by with their parents and they were definitely crying, my wife and I got their attention and offered them some free stickers of their choosing and it put smiles right on their faces. It was great! So I figured I would always want to have something small that I wouldn't lose a lot of cost on for things like that.

    Anywho! To my next work in progress! I am really excited to be working on this to be honest, it's Beauty and the Beast. I have been mostly working on beast today with some face sketches trying to figure out hands as well, the main portion of him that will be showing will be from his waist to his head, and Beauty will be standing near his waste line, I am planning to make her kind of a sorcerous, he will have a blue cape draped over his back and tattered at the bottom and she will hopefully have a nice wavey yellow dress of sorts. Anyway, this here is some rough sketches and I will be posting the rest of the WIP here in this thread, hoping to have the piece done Friday or earlier in time for Eucon.


  • Some progress updates on this piece. I finally got motivated enough again to where I think I might be finishing it in the next few days. But we will see. I'll happily take some critiques if you have any! Otherwise I am going to keep knocking this out.

    I don't plan to get too detailed with the dress, it will likely stay close to how it is now aside from the shading and lighting. Speaking of lighting I am still working out the windows in the back so they don't blend too much with her in the front.




  • One more update before I'm off to bed, didn't like how the Beasts head was after I finished getting through hers. Gotta fix that hand though too!


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