Nightmare Before Christmas critique please

  • SVS OG

    I meant to get this done before Halloween but I got sick this last month. Let me know what you think about this fan art. The poses, the color and value balance especially

  • Hi Holley!

    I did a little draw-over; I hope you don't mind.

    Jack's pose is really good, and there are only slight tweaks that I would make with his arms.

    Sally's pose is a bit more ambiguous, and what she's doing isn't clear at first glance. I'd move the spider up a bit and reposition Sally so that she reads more clearly in silhouette. As it is her head and shoulders are hunched, and Sally moves more freely than that in the movie (sometimes with or without limbs, ha ha).

    Here's my draw-over. My Sally drawing is pretty crappy, but hopefully it illustrates what I mean.


  • I thought of something else concerning color. In the foreground you have a lot of pink immediately behind Jack and Sally, and that's drawing my eyes away from them. If you cool that down it will help them both stand out more:


    Your shadows look great, and the rest of the background looks really nice. I think cooling that bit of foreground down will help pull things together.

  • SVS OG

    @twiggyt thanks for taking the time to do the draw overs. I will have to play around some more. Good call on the color.

  • SVS OG

    So Sally is really rough but is this pose better?

  • That reads a lot better!

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