Inktober - Urban Sketch Critique Help

  • Hi,
    I am doing urban sketching for my inktober challenge, and I can't figure out what is wrong with this picture. It is intended to be loose, but I don't like the background, and I can't figure out what is wrong with it. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.


  • First thing I see is that background doors are leaning to left.
    Other is you muddy your colors - watercolors require some patience or knowledge which colors or pigments mix together nicely. Sometimes it's better to place colors beside each other without mixing them with a brush for them to mingle gently (water on water technique). Other times you do layers of color - but you need to wait to layers to be dry.

    In the foreground, there is a lot of blue colors, which we don't have in the background so it also has this separation of a picture.

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  • @ailantan Thank you. That is wonderful feedback. I totally see these observations. I appreciate your time and considerations

  • Pro

    Same as Ailantan, if I were you I'd try to wait for each color to dry before applying another color so they don't get muddy 🙂 It can be a pain, but patience is good with watercolors hihi

  • @nessillustration agreed! it is a vurtue required medium. I will work on that on today’s drawing. thank you for the feedback

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