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    Little Heer's monster

    Black spikey hair
    nails coming out of his neck (like Frankenstein)
    turquoise face
    green eyebrows and body
    black teeth
    Shirt and pants are part of his head (that's the tricky part!)
    Yellow nose


    Keeton's monster

    Is a he.
    Red and furry
    8 horns on his head
    bright red, mean eyes
    mouth that has reglar teeth
    lips red
    nose-blue and pointy
    breathes fire
    big giant feet with claws
    looks scary bu tis really nice
    His name is Flash!


    Brooklyn's Monster

    Yellow and fat with soft fur
    Big blue eyes
    blue webbed feet
    nose-rounded and red
    mouth has pink lips
    long eyelashes
    2 horns on head-on one there is a hairband with a spider
    Yellow tail with blue spikes on the end (OOPS! Forgot th tail-I will try and add one tomorrow if possible.)
    Lives in a cave near a mountain
    There is a field of mustard weeds (well, I didn't do a whole field)
    Her name is Rami.

  • SVS OG

    Fixed Briooklynn's monster. Tail and a few other little tidbits to balance it out more.


  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen I be the kids are LOVING these. What a great project!

  • SVS OG

    @jennyjones Thanks. They seem to be πŸ™‚ At least that's what the parents are saying πŸ™‚ It's pretty fun and a bit exhausting too πŸ™‚

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    These actually took me ALL day! Whew! A good challenge though. I'll sleep good tonight πŸ™‚

    Tyler (7 years old) Aqua Man monster πŸ™‚

    Body is aqua. It is small and skinny.
    Face: aqua
    Eye: one big red eye with white eyebrows and white eyelashes.
    Purple hair: spiky, short on top with one green horn on the left and one green horn on the right.
    Mouth: yellow with orange teeth that fill The mouth.
    Nose: brown with a red mustache.
    No ears.
    Body: small, skinny.
    Arms: short, skinny, aqua
    Legs: short, skinny, aqua
    Green claws on hands and feet.
    Tail: big long tail with spikes, sharp tail point. Spikes are green. Tail is aqua.

    Lives on planet mars.

    Brielle age 11
    Monster is a boy named Bobby.
    Really fat and tall. Standing up.
    Body is blue. Covered with blue matted Fur.
    The head has green hair. A wing is coming out of the center of the head. There is a pink short horn
    on each side of the wing on the head.
    Head: Six eyes – – two orange, two green, two purple,
    No nose. 15 teeth, pointed and small, surrounded by purple lips.
    Ears: placed randomly on the body – – one purple ear, one yellow ear, one red ear,
    Four legs with claws for Feet.
    No arms. Two big wings, silver and gold. One on the left side. One on the right side coming out of the sides of the torso.
    Zigzags on the body: red, or orange, or purple, or green, or peach.
    Tail: long, red and orange, with spikes.
    Lives in outer space with a white and gray space cat.


    Eliana is five years old.
    Her monster is a girl named Ellie.
    Her monster has a short skinny purple body with pink hearts.
    Her monster is happy.
    Two blue eyes with black eyelashes and Brown eyebrows.
    Ears: regular
    Nose: long
    Mouth: smiling, ten white teeth, red lips.
    Her monster is wearing a short skirt and short sleeved shirt both With rainbow stripes.
    Arms are short and skinny.
    Legs are short and skinny.
    She has rainbow wingsβ€” one on the left. One on the right.
    Her shoes are pink. Her tail is long purple and pointed.
    She is at the park with her orange and white striped little kitten.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Fun project! They all look great.

  • They look awesome!! I think the Aqua Man Monster from Mars is my favorite. He reminds me of trippy old cartoons and animation from the 70's.

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