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    Anyone else excited to sit with a note pad and sketch a bit to some super inspirational messages?!?! I am. I can't really process or retain information without taking notes or doodling. I'm going to post them on this tread. If you are also going to be watching a broadcast for 8-10 hours this weekend, I would LOVE to see your notes too!

    If you have no idea what I am talking about, just post happy thoughts or quotes. There is an semi-annual international broadcast that will be on this weekend filled with uplifting messages. Many people letter these messages and quotes. If you have something that makes you happy or keeps you going, please fee free to post that here too.

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    I won't post all my conference notes from yesterday. I really didn't get much doodling done. It was mostly words. Which is awesome! There were a few flowers, butterflies and squiggles. I couldn't wait to share a few things that were said here. One speaker talked about a time when a older gentleman invited him to come and watercolor with him. He was a man in a prominent position in our church. Even as intimidating as watercoloring can be to someone with no experience, the one on one time offered is simply to amazing to turn down. Mr Scott helped Mr Gong by sketching out the painting they would work on. He guided him as they worked on a mountain landscape with a fire in the foreground. Mr Gong recounts the lessons learned from he actual painting and the experience. Here are some messages I couldn't wait to pass on to you guys. (seriously, I was eating up a talk all about watercolors!)

    "Attempt to be creative even if the results are modest. Creativity can engender a spirit of gratitude for life and for what the Lord has woven into your being. If you choose wisely it doesn't have to absorb a lot of time." Elder Richard G Scott

    I know many have different opinions on religion and God, but do you also feel like the need to create is woven into your being? I thought it was stated so beautifully. And don't forget creating itself can bring joy. Don't worry about the finished result!

    Then there was this quote I loved and spent a little more time inking it. I will put it in my studio

    "Find Joy in Wholesome Creativity"

    On a different note. They challenged us to stay off social media for 10 days. To realign our priorities. And follow the ideas that come to mind as we are changing our habits. We can do it whenever we please, but I am going to rip off the bandaid and do it after I post today's inktober. I've been looking forward to inktober for a while now. I will still be creating the drawings but not posting. I'm not fancy, no one will miss it. I'll catch everyone up on October 17th. If it hurts your bottom inktober line @Jake-Parker I'm so sorry. 🙂 Blame Pres Nelson. I'm so addicted to my darn phone I really should take a break.

    Happy inktober guys, I'll catch up with your work October 17th!

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