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  • Hey all, haven't been on here in a while. I'm going to be attempting the Inktober challenge, as many as I can do, but I'm not sure if it's acceptable to use digital ink instead. I don't see a rule against it, but if it's not okay then I still want to post my pieces but I won't use the Inktober hashtag. Thoughts?

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    @rhirsch I think Jake, who created Inktober, would be perfectly fine with digital inking. There was a big discussion last year and I know Will made a video about it, but I never watched it until the end - maybe it gives some final comments in the conclusion.
    I do wish all this discussion about digital vs traditional would simply stop happening. Creating good art has never had the slightest thing to do with mediums. We are rehashing the elitist attitudes the fine art world has had during the ages - and that has no place in illustration (which is one of the reasons I love it!)

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    @rhirsch I believe I saw somewhere that digital was perfectly fine since challenge is about self improvement, if it fits within your personal goals then it’s all good.
    Oh found it under FAQs

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    Digital is totally fine! Jake started Inktober as a personal challenge to improve his skills with the brush pen. Maybe your challenge is to develop better sketching habits, or get practice drawing something that's challenging for you, or mastering a digital brush. Maybe even it's just working those creative muscles trying to come up with 31 ideas, or staying consistent with a theme! Whatever it is, it is your challenge and the digital/analog part doesn't matter much. Create and share!

    I am doing ink on paper because I get nervous that there is no "undo" button. So the best way to tackle that is to make a bunch of drawings! I want to build confidence in the lines I put down and not fret over whether they are perfect.

  • the FAQ actually say it's acceptable to work digitally. my submissions this year will all be digital since I want to update my portfolio and want to use this opportunity to learn storyboarding and sequential art along with improving at digital inking!

  • Thanks everyone!

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