My nib funeral

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    This is unsolicited spam, but for me this is a significant event and needs celebrating 🙂
    It takes about 2-3 years of daily use for the nib of the Wacom stylus to wear off so much that it's not usable anymore (it starts squeaking and having more attrition than normal on the tablet surface).
    Today, I'm sending number 4 into retirement....goodbye to a faithful art fellow and welcome to the new one!

    0_1537697245057_IMG_5887.jpg 0_1537697261444_IMG_5886.jpg

  • @smceccarelli Hooray! Meaning you have been extremely artistic creative! How do you do the funeral I wonder?

    PS: I found you a funeral car.


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    @smceccarelli I imagine I will jump for joy if I ever use an entire tube of watercolor. Before last year, I barely had to refill my tray. Now it seems like I need to add a dab of one color each time I paint.

    Way to create!

  • I've done the same with mine this week! But mine was my 1st one:-) And then it turned out it was a false alarm. My pen wasn't working because one of the wacom cables was disconnected... ha ha 🙂

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