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  • I'm new here, and haven't been on a forum in about a decade. I knew how to do it once, but I don't know how to add images to posts here, with the whole "add image URL" stuff. The particularly frustrating part is I'm posting exclusively from my phone (because it's what's available to me currently. Commuter isn't fit right now.)

    So, where online do I post my thumbnail sketches, and how do I get to the URL so I can post here?

    -sincerely, "tech Illiterate millennial"

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @debra-garcia when you compose a post or reply there should be a icon of a cloud with an arrow pointing up. If you click on that, it will let you upload the photo right to the forum.

  • I had the same question when I was new here. I think on most small screens, only some of the icons show when you are typing a post. For me, I see seven icons out of the nine. To see the upload icon that Chip mentioned, I need to manually scroll the icon banner to the left. When using that option, you can upload images straight from your phone's library. Hope that's helpful if you hadn't figured it out already. 🙂

  • @kathrynadebayo That is exactly what I needed to know Thank you so much. It's so obvious now. Lol

  • SVS OG

    Also make sure your image is no bigger than 1000 or 1200 pixels in width and height. That threw me when I first tried posting.

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